Friday, September 19, 2014

KCHS Fall Homecoming

     Isaiah's freshmen class elected him as representative of the Freshman class at Fall Homecoming. Because of his extreme ADHD and borderline OCD, some of the teachers didn't have faith in him to do it alone, so a classmate was chosen to walk out with them. I'm so glad his classmates love him enough to give him the honor of being part of the Homecoming court. I just wish all his teachers had as much faith in him. (the golf coach told us later that even he tried to make them let Isaiah walk out with the girl alone, but they didn't listen to him) but he showed them - he looked like the most relaxed person on the field! He didn't let their lack of faith in him slow him down, he's confident in himself and no one's opinion changes that. I'm very happy that he is so popular, and that everyone likes him so much. Will make for great memories for him. 

     Lots of mixed emotions come up for me when I go to a HS football game, or even go to any event at the school. 

     I was not so fortunate in high school, and HS memories are very bad for me. I graduated here, too, and when I hear that school song being played I have wildly mixed feelings that come up. There are people who think verbal, mental, emotional abuse isn't as bad as physical abuse... but they're wrong. That abuse I took for 4 years in HS left scar upon scar that have never lost their sting. If only I'd have had the Internet in HS and known I wasn't the only person out there like me, known I wasn't alone. It would have made the world of difference. I look at these kids barely at the start of their lives and I wonder what I could have accomplished if people (including family) hadn't always told me I couldn't do anything, I had no talents, I was "stupid" - or if only I hadn't believed them.

     "On, Wisconsin!" has been the school song here for generations. When I graduated here. When my mom graduated here. When my grandma graduated here in 1927, I believe it was then, too. Lauren was a 4th generation graduate of GHS, but after the tornado they changed the name of the school - so I'm not sure if Isaiah qualifies as a 4th generation grad or not. I hope so. It's so very rare these days!


  1. Why on earth do you, in Kansas, have On, Wisconsin, as your school song?

  2. Oh, and Good on Isaiah!! I bet he's as proud as can be.