Thursday, September 18, 2014

A New Chapter

Rick had two job offers on the table.

      One was local, good benefits, but his take home pay would be less that what he made on unemployment. The second would keep him away from home for weeks at a time, coming home for 24 hours or less and right back out again for a couple more weeks. Fabulous pay (at least 3x more than the other job), good benefits. No holidays off. On call 24/7/365. Vacation after 1 year. The choice was hard for him, the gone-all-the-time job would allow him to be able to give his family the things he'd always wanted to be able to offer. But it would leave him unable to share those things - or life, really - with us. The local job would have him at home every night and weekends, but leave us scrimping and saving and pinching every penny as we have our whole marriage.

     I knew which one I wanted him to take but on the outside I remained neutral. He finally said he'd left it up to God. If the far-away job hadn't called him again by a certain time on a certain day he'd take the local job. They didn't, and he took the local job. Afterwards, he decided he was happy he'd chosen to stay. I can say his family is very happy, too. He starts work on Monday.


  1. were hoping for the local job as well? I guess this leaves you in the RV for a while now, or can you go back into the housing you were in before, when it was you and Isaiah? I'm glad he's got a job!! I know its hard on men to not be the provider. Loves~

    1. Yes I wanted him home, I have no wishes to be a single mom 24/7. He'd be gone for weeks, up to several months at a time, come home for 24 hours or less and be gone again. No days off. No holidays off. He'd NEVER be home. We believe that God is our provider, not Rick's job, so no matter what his income, we will have what we need.
      The house we were in before is owned by a company that only has 5 houses and all are full - and don't allow pets. I'll live the rest of my life in the RV before getting rid of my dogs, lol... But our banker says he'll work with us to buy the house we want, so we're working on that ;) Believe it or not, house payments are cheaper than rent in our area.