"The Dream"

"The Dream" as we call it now has been forming since my husband, Rick, and I first got married in 1985, growing and changing as our knowledge grew and changed.

  • Growing our own food organically
  • Tiny House living
  • Alternative energy
  • Making our own safe-for-the-planet cleaners
  • Sharing the things we learn
  • Being an example of sustainable living

We'd like to add raising animals for eggs, meat, milk, but we'll see if God's place for us in rural or in town.  It's up to Him as to where we continue this life, from the country with all the animals, or in a town to show that sustainable living can be done anywhere.

Oh, and the "Hippie Hohl Hacienda"? (Hohl is our last name, pronounced "Hall") Some of our ideas are considered "Hippie" by our relatively old-fashioned farming community, but that's ok. We just believe in taking care of the created world in honor of the Creator,

I'm glad you've chosen to spend a little of your time getting to know us, thank you so much!

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