Monday, September 29, 2014

Big News of the Week


     So Rick took the local job, and started last week. We were trying to avoid the separation of the other job, even though we knew this local job paid less than his unemployment did and we'd never be able to afford a house on what he was making. Then, the other job called him back with even MORE incentive to come to work for them. They want him on their team because of his 30+ years in the oilfield. He knows so much about everything that goes on out there they called him an "expert".
     We knew this second chance was coming along for a reason, and after a lot of discussion and prayer, he decided to switch jobs. Mainly because it pays more than 3x what the local job pays him, and the benefits are better.
     Rick will be going to work there 2 weeks from today, and while the days - and weeks - without him home will be hard, we both are focusing on the goal of being financially secure for the first time in our 29 years of marriage and putting our own roof over our heads. They say when you take the first step that everything else will follow. We've started early "negotiations" with buying a really great house now, too... and while I'm not going to say much about that so as not to "jinx" it, let's just say I hope to have more news on that front soon! Those people who have a secure place to live often take that for granted, but we've been unsettled for so long (even before the RV and threat of eviction every month) that having our own place will be heaven!
     Having him gone all the time will definitely be a test of my faith. Not a test of our marriage, separation isn't going to hurt our closeness, but not having him here to work on things when they break, or buy the propane and change it over when we run out, or chase Ranger down when he gets off the lead. (thankfully, Gunner doesn't go far if he gets loose) Or even fix the truck if it breaks down. We are hoping to get into a house soon so that much of my stress will be easier, especially since it will be cold weather soon. I have no one to call for help if I need it. He will be gone for a week - or 2 or 3 - at a time, coming home for 24 hours or less and going right back out.
     He is trying to get a lot of things done during the evenings he has left. We're trying to find some 2x6 boards so he can build a new door for the RV, the original one is held together with wire and duct tape!. I guess 30 years ago they didn't make RVs to withstand the wear of everyday living, only occasional camping trips. We'd like to aquire a couple rolls of insulation to insulate up under the RV, too, to cut some of the draftiness. We're hoping to be in a house by Thanksgiving, but it will be cold before then!


  1. May God bless both of you.

  2. Wow! Just Wow! So...the incentives must have been great, eh? Not sure I could do that, being separated for so long. I've always said, I'm low maintenance, but full time. I like my man home at night. Good you have Isaiah and the boys, company and protection. Loves~

    1. Well it's definitely not going to be easy... Isaiah will be the only person I see every day, and the only reason I'll ever have to leave the house is when we need groceries... or I go to the library. But it will give us breathing room we've never had financially, and this is the only way for us to make a living. There are no good jobs here otherwise. I'll also be able to save up for a better camera and more art supplies to further my art "career", which will keep me busy.

  3. And....maybe finally you'll be able to put some money down and pay for a real house for you all to live in, finally, all your own. Isn't that great? I think I could figure out how to work it out with the arrangements if a home of my own paid for and all ours was the prize at the end. You know, I say I could just close the gate and never leave home again, but I probably would talk the ear off anyone who ventured inside the gates, if I really did that. Then again, I probably would make a great hermit as well. Loves~ p.s. more art from you is a great thing!