Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rusty Poet

I'm sure anyone reading this has seen me mention before about my previous poetry writing days. How I won the "Poet of the Year" award at the small college I attended for a while. I quit writing, just about as soon as I stopped going to college. I have no recollection of doing it deliberately, I just stopped.
I've been trying lately to get back into writing, and I wrote one this evening.
As a disclaimer, I have to say - I hate rhyming poetry, sing-song rhythms, "greeting card" verses. My favorite poet is Mary Oliver, if you've ever read her work, you'll understand the way I write.


So very quiet.

My back to the sunset,
staring out the window.
the light changes,
the shadows grow longer,
until all I see is the outline
of the trees against
a starry sky.
I can almost hear
the moon rising.

© Anita Hohl 2014


  1. Yes, Yes and Yes again! Girl, you got it going on. I love this. Keep this up and you'll be a poet and you'll know it!

  2. Refreshing :) Keep the life flowing through you and enjoy every moment of it, I say!