Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good Changes

Gunner and Ranger are working things out. 

    Our new dog, Gunner, came to live with us on Thursday. After spending an hour seeing who could bark at the other one the loudest, stopping every 10 minutes to get a drink and sit and look at each other before starting the barking again, they started playing together, each on his own tie-out. We keep them just far apart that they can't get tangled, but close enough that they can play. Outside, they get along great. Inside, however, Gunner barks visciously and keeps Ranger away from his dog kennel where his things are - and Ranger cowers in the back of the RV, won't even come up when we're up here. I'm hoping that will settle itself out soon.
    Now for the biggest news of the week (of the summer maybe??) Rick got a phone call yesterday from a man who owns a company Rick never applied at, offering him a job! He goes in Monday for paperwork and a pre-employment drug test. We're so excited! God works in amazing ways! I know that the next thing God has for us is a house, He's got it all picked out for us, and it will come in His timing. I just hope we don't go into the winter still in this RV, the door is falling apart and leaks so it will be colder even than last year was. God knows best though. I trust Him.
     There have been times - most of my life, actually, as I look at it from this point of view - where I said I trusted God, but only wanted things to go my way. If they didn't, I felt betrayed by Him, or like He didn't care. Now I've reached a point that I trust Him to do what's best, whether it turns out how I want it to or not. We humans only see things from our very limited point of view. He knows so much more about what we really need, and He is able to do much more for us that we don't even know to ask for!
    We are going to keep working on the RV, maybe start winterizing it as best we can now, just in case he wants us here longer. The one thing I do worry about is mom. Her mood swings leave us never knowing where we stand from one moment to the next. I hope she can stay consistently kind until God shows us our new place.
    We took "the boys" out this morning, and it was still dark. I don't miss the hours of sunlight in the evenings as much as I do the early light in the mornings. The grass was wet with the rain from last night, and it was cold on my bare feet. I'm going to miss barefoot weather when it gets here! 55 degrees right now with a wind chill of 53. Fall is my favorite season, even with the cooler temps, and it makes it that much better as I enjoy my first cup of tea this morning, which I'm now going to get back to!

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