Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bits and Pieces

A sunrise, from 2010. 

   I really thought THIS would be the Sunday I slept in, especially since it was in the mid-40s in the RV when I woke up at 6 am. But no, once I'm awake, I'm up. That first cup of tea was even better when the weather is chilly. I'm sure it won't take long to be tired of the cold, but right now I'm enjoying the fall-like weather.

    The boys are outside, they sit looking around and at each other like they'd rather still be in bed, too.

    Rick is planning his day. He'll more than likely be going back to soon and his new job will keep him away from home for 4-5-6 days, maybe a week or 10 days, at a time - so we're planning everything, fixing everything, so that I can be doing everything on my own. He has to show me how to change the propane bottles on the RV so that if I run out when he's not here I can do that, but gas makes me nervous and I just don't want to have to learn that. I'll be happy when we buy a house and are out of the RV. Our goal is to be in a new place at least by Thanksgiving, now that he's more-than-likely got the job he wants and will be making so much more.

We've been slowly clearing out the garden as things stop producing.  While we hate chemicals, my mother doesn't, and so we'll be spraying for broad leaf weeds when we pull it all out and replanting grass. We'll miss planting a fall garden, but we have big plans for next year when we're in our own place!

   I've been concentrating on living in the moment, enjoying everything for what it is, soaking up the memories of the days. I'll be trying to write more while Rick's gone.


  1. Too bad about your mom and her attitude. I applaud you for keeping up your spirits in the face of adversity. I wish I had your cheery attitude most times. I can't seem to get 'unstuck'. I love and can feel joy, but I trudge. Head down, do the next thing. It sucks. Which job is Rick about to get? DH is starting to look now as well, so prayers going both ways, from us to you and back. Love you girl. Glad you're blogging again.

    1. I finally got to the place where I understand happiness is a choice, and someone or something getting me down is letting that take my power away from me. Also, I realized that my unhappiness had more to do with my own expectations than it did with anything else. I stay focused on the things - sometimes even tiny things - that I'm grateful for, and let God handle the rest :)